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Paul McCartneyJack DeeRichard ColesBen Okri and more, feature in the showreel film I've produced for Goldmark  | www.goldmarkart.com

Sometimes the word 'gallery' simply isn't enough. Yes, it's the core of a business dedicated to the best in painting, printmaking, sculpture and ceramics. But here the books turn into paintings, the paintings turn into films. http://www.goldmarkart.com A casual visitor sitting down to lunch turns into the catalyst for a new project, chance conversations become exciting new paths into uncharted territories. The patently obvious is never quite what it seems. John Lennon had a notice above the door of his house in Ascot that said, in typical Lennon fashion, 'It is not here'. The reverse could be said of the Goldmark Gallery. After all, on the wall outside is a sculptured plaque with a pig on it. Flying. http://www.goldmarkart.com


Check out the latest Goldmark film by Jonny in this playlist, updated regularly by Youtube, or check out the playlist on YouTube here . There is also a Vimeo playlist here

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