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Paul McCartneyJack DeeRichard ColesBen Okri and more, feature in the showreel film I've produced for Goldmark  | www.goldmarkart.com

Sometimes the word 'gallery' simply isn't enough. Yes, it's the core of a business dedicated to the best in painting, printmaking, sculpture and ceramics. But here the books turn into paintings, the paintings turn into films. http://www.goldmarkart.com A casual visitor sitting down to lunch turns into the catalyst for a new project, chance conversations become exciting new paths into uncharted territories. The patently obvious is never quite what it seems. John Lennon had a notice above the door of his house in Ascot that said, in typical Lennon fashion, 'It is not here'. The reverse could be said of the Goldmark Gallery. After all, on the wall outside is a sculptured plaque with a pig on it. Flying. http://www.goldmarkart.com


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Randy Johnston | An Expansive Vision | GOLDMARK

Randy Johnston | An Expansive Vision

Our documentary tells the story of one of America's most respected studio potters, Randy Johnston. Set against the backdrop of his picturesque Wisconsin studio, it gives a revealing and moving insight into his artistic journey. Kicking against his family's desire for him to become a doctor, Johnston tells of his early travels to Japan, meeting the great Shoji Hamada and apprenticing to National Living Treasure, Tatsuzo Shimaoka. We are also taken on a visit to the Minnesotan studio of his lifelong mentor and friend, 94 year old American legend, Warren MacKenzie. A deep thinker, Johnston talks about his approach to his working practice and his philosophy on art and teaching. Having studied with Warren MacKenzie and Hamada's favourite apprentice, Tatsuzo Shimaoka, Johnston is one of the most exciting and innovative potters working in America today. He is recognized internationally as an artist who has pursued functional expression and brought a fresh aesthetic vision to contemporary form, and for his many contributions to the development of wood kiln technology in the United States. http://www.goldmarkart.com See more films like this at http://www.WeLoveClay.com

Ken Matsuzaki | The Intangible Spirit | GOLDMARK

Ken Matsuzaki | The Intangible Spirit

Our brand new documentary tells the story of one of Japan's most respected studio potters, Ken Matsuzaki. Set against the backdrop of his picturesque Mashiko studio in Japan, it gives a revealing insight into his creative journey and his philosophy on art and working practice. Born into an artistic family, Matsuzaki talks of his apprenticeship with National Living Treasure, Tatsuzo Shimaoka and the subsequent difficulties in finding his own voice. We hear how his pottery town was decimated by the terrible earthquake of 2011 and the international efforts to rebuild it. We see him at work in his studio and we are taken to his exhibitions in Japan and England and hear of his desire now to encourage younger Mashiko potters to be true to themselves as artists and promote them on a world stage. http://goldmarkart.com


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