World-famous potter Warren MacKenzie dies at 94

It was sad to hear the news that Warren MacKenzie died peacefully at home in Stillwater last week. He was 94.

One of the last living students of Bernard Leach, MacKenzie has transformed the landscape of American crafts. His honest, unpretentious pots are held in major public collections all over the globe, while his generous teaching style has encouraged an extraordinary pilgrimage of young potters to the Mid-West over the last fifty years.

Warren MacKenzie

Photo by Jay Goldmark

I was fortunate enough to meet Warren last year in Stillwater, USA, during filming of two documentaries for Goldmark. One of those films Randy Johnston | An Expansive Vision about one of America's most respected studio potters, Randy Johnston, features some of the last filmed footage of Warren MacKenzie at work in his Stillwater studio. And I’ll soon be working with Goldmark to edit a film on the life and work of Warren MacKenzie using footage shot in 2018. In the meantime you can see footage of Warren doing what he loved most, at work with Randy Johnson in the films below.

Warren MacKenzie | 1924 - 2018

Randy Johnston | An Expansive Vision

Warren MacKenzie and Randy Johnston | Two Great American Potters.