The Guardian features one of my videos


The Guardian has featured one of my videos I edited for New York's Rugby Wrap Up show in an article by Guardian US weekend editor Martin Pengelly on the USA Rugby historic victory over Scotland in Houston on Saturday, 16 June 2018. 

The Guardian article

The Guardian article

The article mentions how Rugby Wrap-Up, a weekly podcast out of New York, had interviewed former USA star and now general manager Dave Hodges about the relationship between the USA Eagles and the new proffesional Major League Rugby

The short part of it,” he said, “is that … there will always be disagreement there, because they have a strategy and we have a strategy. But by and large it’s been a very amicable relationship and I think we both realise that it’s a relationship that make us both better if we do it properly.

We’ve done our best to over-communicate in terms of players we are looking at, when we want them released, in terms of emergency situations and injuries. I think after the season we can put our heads together and talk about ways to improve further.

One of the things this team can get better at quickly is our fitness levels and we want to help MLR there because it will make it a more exciting competition to have guys with stamina who can play full tilt, late into the game.
— Dave Hodges. USA Rugby General Manager

You can read the article in full here and watch the Rugby Wrap Up video featured n the article here