PODCAST: The Camera Never Lies documentary on BBC Radio 4

I listen to a lot of podcasts and many of them are filmmaking related as you'd expect. Here is a selection I'm currently going through...

 The artful Camera (previously the Digital Convergence podcast) is a show hosted by Carl Olson that's all "about the art, craft, and business of analog and digital photography and filmmaking". FCPX Grill is a show hosted by Chris Fenwick. It's "an open, honest, and level-headed discussion with users of Final Cut Pro X to discover how they are using the application." Another great one is the Go Creative Show "The #1 podcast for video, audio, and film professionals." Host Ben Consoli talks with leaders in the production industry about tips, insights, and news.

I've also recently been getting into the Radio 4 series Seriously "A rich selection of documentaries aimed at relentlessly curious minds, introduced by Rhianna Dhillon." One episode will be of particular interest to documentary filmmakers. In The Camera Never Lies "BAFTA award winning filmmaker Molly Dineen examines the concept of truth and the creation of narrative in documentary film making. Robert Flaherty's 'Nanook of the North' is considered the first documentary ever made, and much of it was specially set up for the cameras. We think that modern 'Scripted Reality' is a new phenomenon, but does it have its roots in the earliest days of documentary? We look at the making of a documentary, from idea, to casting, filming and editing to find out how documentary makers craft their story."

Go listen!